OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung Is The Ultimate Red Velvet Fangirl

She got to meet her bias.

OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung was the ultimate Red Velvet fangirl when she posted photos of her with the group. It’s commonly known among fans that she’s best friends with Seulgi

… But her bias is Joy, and her delight at being photographed with the women of Red Velvet shines through!

Hyojung excitedly shared the pictures to Twitter and sweetly captioned it:


Red Velvet sunbaenims left us unforgettable memories at the concert ♡ They were so awesome! So pretty! Just the best ♡ We love you!!

Hyojung’s excitement is relatable and adorable AF. It’s always the best watching friends support each other, and even better when it’s talented women uplift other talented women. 💖