Oh My Girl Fans Concerned For YooA After Yet Another On-Stage Wardrobe Malfunction

With so many wardrobe malfunctions occurring lately, it seems as if they’re only becoming more common and more common.

During a performance of their song “Liar Liar,” rookie girl group Oh My Girl member YooA suffered a brief wardrobe malfunction as her cropped sweater flew up while she was dancing. Despite the slightly embarrassing accident, however, YooA showed true professionalism and continued performing with her group without any interruptions, garnering praise for her fans.

With wardrobe malfunctions also having affected top girl groups such as AOA, Girl’s DayFiestar, and TWICE recently, however, fans expressed their concern over how such accidents could be prevented in the future.

Check out the music video for Oh My Girl’s latest song “Windy Day” below: