OH MY GIRL’s YooA In Slow-Mo Is Even More Breathtaking Than YooA In Full Speed

She looked completely unreal.

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA is a living doll – we know. But when fans took her fan cam and played it in slow motion, they realized she gives off double the heavenliness at half the speed!


While performing “Secret Garden” at the 2019 Jinju Water Music Festival, YooA looked simply breathtaking.


She was pretty much a water fairy throughout all of the group’s performances – but her visual really exploded when she was edited to be in slow motion.


And fans are pointing out that because YooA has such a graceful and detail-oriented dance style, the slow-mo video doesn’t make her movements look awkward…


… in fact, the slowed down version makes her choreography look even more elegant!


YooA has always been K-Pop’s beloved and favorite princess visual, but her game was stepped up to the max at this festival.


YooA’s fans are forgetting to keep breathing while watching her half-speed videos, maximizing her unreal, magical vibe!


Watch the edited clip here:


And the original here: