Old clip of Taeyeon looking extremely nervous on stage emerges

Taeyeon‘s performance from 9 years ago shows just how much she has transformed and developed into the amazing performer she is today.

Recently, an old video from 2008 of Taeyeon performing her “Can You Hear Me” OST for the drama Beethoven Virus has resurfaced.

Around when she first debuted and started doing her first solo ballad stages, Taeyeon often wouldn’t know what to do with her hands while singing and would awkwardly keep her left hand on her stomach during the majority of the performance.

In this particular stage performance, Taeyeon could be seen nervously and cutely fidgeting with a button on her dress while singing.

She could also be seen plainly constantly trying to adjust her in-ear monitor piece.

Many, who were more familiar with Taeyeon’s stage charisma, found Taeyeon’s fidgetiness to be utterly adorable.

However, Taeyeon’s recent performances show that she has outgrown her nervousness and oozes with confidence and professionalism.

Taeyeon’s recent “Fine” performance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook shows just how much more comfortable she is singing under the spotlight. She comfortably used hand gestures and sang with all her heart and soul.

When there was a malfunction with her in-ear piece at the 31st Golden Disk Awards, Taeyeon didn’t show any worries and slayed her performance without it.

Take a look at how much she has grown as a performer by comparing the old video with one of Taeyeon’s most recent performances!