Old Clip Of Sandara Park Crying After 2NE1’s Disbandment Resurfaces

Dara trying not to cry after 2NE1 said goodbye is bringing back all the feels for Blackjacks.

A clip of Sandara Park‘s first public appearance after the disbandment of 2NE1 has resurfaced after it first went viral back in 2016.


2NE1 announced that they would be disbanding just two days prior to this appearance, on November 25 2016.

Although Minzy had left the band and the remaining members’s future was unclear, fans were shocked when YG Entertainment announced the news.


Dara, appearing as a judge in the Philippines on Pinoy Boyband Superstar, admitted she was sad and thanked the contestants who had just performed for making her smile.


Moments later, Dara could be seen fighting to hold back tears.


It seems the emotional performance brought up her own feelings about the disbandment, but she tried hard to overcome them by breathing through the tears.


Her fellow judges and Blackjacks in Manila banded together to show their love for Dara with signs saying “we will always support you“.


While it’s been two years since 2NE1 disbanded, Blackjacks are still supporting the members, celebrating the group’s 9th anniversary… and soon their 10th anniversary!


Over the years, Blackjacks have continued to support the girls with their solo activities and made it clear the group will never be forgotten.


Blackjacks can still feel rest assured that the girls support each other, as all of the members sent in video messages congratulating Sandara Park on her new MC position, and she is also featuring on Park Bom’s new solo album!

2NE1 Members Send Congratulatory Video Message For Dara On “Video Star”