Old Pictures From NU’EST Fan-Sign Shows Them Getting Very Close and Personal With Fans

Everyone knows that the members of NU’EST are gorgeous as well as talented, but not everyone realizes just how much they love their fans. Pictures from an old Japanese fan-meet NU’EST held back in the day, shows just how up close and personal they’re willing to get with their fans.

NU’EST is going viral once again for their unique and personalized fan service.

In Japan, they once gave their fans back hugs or simply put their arms around them for a photo.

The photos almost look like couple shots!

In 2004, Minhyun knelt before this fan, held her hand and said, “I am the only one in the world who will make you shine. Let’s get married.”

A custom event for their fans once allowed fans to request a specific pose for each member as they walked along!

Source: Dispatch