There’s Only One Thing Red Velvet’s Irene Can’t Do (And It’s Adorable)

This skill is the one thing missing from the endless list of her talents.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is one of the most talented idols in the industry. From dancing and singing to modeling and acting, the leader (yet another skill!) of Red Velvet can seemingly do everything.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

The talents don’t stop at just entertainment though, as Irene has proven to be a great athlete whenever she’s taken part in ISAC‘s Archery contest. She even created a legendary moment back in 2018 when she hit the bullseye and broke the lens of the camera proper up in the target — making it possible for everyone in the competition to enjoy some chicken bought from one of the event’s hosts.

There is, however, one thing Irene can’t seem to do that well… and it’s throwing signed balls at fans!

Red Velvet has made a tradition of throwing signed props mostly colored plastic balls, to fans during their concerts or festival appearances. This delights ReVeluvs as it’s a great way to have an amazing interaction with the members and take home a precious trinket to remember the moment by.

While some small incidents are bound to happen like the members accidentally hitting their fans in the head with them, the props are thoughtfully made small and harmless by Red Velvet’s staff — thankfully unable to seriously injure anyone.

Likely due to the small weight of the balls, Irene seems to particularly struggle to throw them in the right direction, making for some hilarious moments during Red Velvet’s events.

Thoughtful as ever, the Red Velvet leader tries hard to throw the balls strongly, so they can reach the fans in the very back too.

Irene always tries to make things extra special for fans, so it makes sense she would be the kind of idol to kiss these props before throwing them to the crowd.

She even writes heartwarming messages on the balls, making sure to thank fans for coming and telling them to eat well.

ReVeluvs just can’t get over how cute she looks when aiming to throw the balls.

A fan even made a compilation of her failing to throw them correctly, and her reactions are definitely the funniest thing ever.

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