Ong Seongwu’s Favorite Line From His Recent K-Drama Should Be Your New Mantra

It will make you see life differently.

Ong Seongwu‘s last K-Drama At Eighteen ended on a positive note with a lot of praise for him breaking through as a rising idol-turned-actor. And in a recent interview with Marie Claire, Ong Seongwu discussed the show and his character Choi Jun Woo in more detail, leaving fans more deeply in love with him.


Ong Seongwu talked specifically about a scene in which the antagonist calls his character’s life “a failure”. Ong Seongwu explained that this scene meant a lot to both the role and him as a person.

There’s a part where Ki Tae tells Jun Woo, “Your life is already a failure, but mine isn’t.” And Jun Woo answers, “There is no such thing as a failed life, Ki Tae. We’re only eighteen, you and I.” That scene really showed who Choi Jun Woo is as a person.

— Ong Seongwu


Ong Seongwu added that this particular line is his favorite. He commented that the quote probably carries a different weight for everyone, including Jun Woo, himself, and the viewers — but that it is meaningful nonetheless.

The line ‘There is no such thing as a failed life’ is my favorite line from the entire show. I think it reveals what Jun Woo is thinking. But I also think it’s a line that could mean a lot on a personal level for everyone.

— Ong Seongwu


Viewers have found the said quote to be inspiring as well. It has become wise words to live by — especially for those struggling at life for the time being. Remember, even when things aren’t looking too good, it’s not the end. Because, like Ong Seongwu said, there is no such thing as a failed life.

Source: THEQOO