Openly Gay Idol Holland Explains Why He Decided To Come Out

Holland was willing to risk his dreams to give a voice to Korea’s LGBT community.

In Korea, Holland says that gay idols have more to lose than gain by coming out. Few singers are willing to risk their careers by voicing their opinions on controversial issues, like gay rights.

Reluctance and fear have led to a lack of LGBT representation in the Korean entertainment industry. It has left gay K-Pop fans without a voice.


To make a change, Holland realized that someone would have to stick their neck out, and that ‘someone’ would be him.


Holland pursued his childhood singing dreams while keeping one important goal in mind; he would become the kind of singer who stood up for human rights.


He also came out because he wanted to show sympathy for the people who are struggling with their own sexuality by sharing his personal story with them.


Holland’s debut song “Neverland”, and its accompanying music video, tells the story of a man trying to escape the bonds of discrimination so that he can freely love his boyfriend.


According to Holland, the Korean LGBT community is still small and experiences prejudice. He hopes that there will one day be “a better atmosphere” that will allow people to talk openly about LGBT issues.


“Neverland” was only the beginning of Holland’s music-based gay activism. He is hoping to sign with a label that will support his goals and provide him with the funding, tools, and marketing that he will need to succeed in the long term. Up until now, he has done all his promotional work on his own.

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