Real-Life Owners of “Parasite” Filming Locations Express Their True Feelings Regarding the Film’s Success

The owners of Pig Supermarket and Noryangjin Sky Pizza talked about the success of “Parasite”.

If you’ve seen the award-sweeping film, Parasite, you probably know the Pig Supermarket and Noryangjin Sky Pizza, which are two of the locations where the film was shot.

Well, these are real-life businesses, and the owners spoke up about how they really feel about the film’s success.

Pig Supermarket appears in the movie as the backdrop of where Ki Woo (Choi Woo Shik) chatted over a bottle of soju with Min Hyuk (Park Seo Joon).


And around the corner of the supermarket is where Kijung (Park So Dam) bought a peach to kick out the housemaid from the wealthy family’s house.

Lee Jung Shik (77) and Kim Kyung Soon (73) expressed that they had never seen a film before because they were so caught up on their 45-year-old business, but that they went to see Parasite as soon as it was released.

This is the first film I’ve seen since I watched “The Sound of Music” as a young girl. My husband refused to go, but I convinced him to close the shop and we went to see it.

– Kim Kyung Soon

Kim Kyung Soon described how she felt after seeing the film and expressed that it well-represented how they lived their lives.

I told my husband, “Look, that’s our store. The store came out beautifully. I feel like the film reflected our lives well. When I first met my husband, we lived in some difficult circumstances, and the film brought back those memories.

– Kim Kyung Soon


Kim Kyung Soon also confessed that many tourists have been visiting the store since the film was released, and that business has been booming.

We get a lot of foreign tourists as well. There are many Japanese people, and there are people from Spain and England as well. The best part is that business has been booming. There hasn’t been a huge change, but I wish people who visit at least buy a beverage, haha.

– Kim Kyung Soon

Similarly, the real-life owners of Noryangjin Sky Pizza, which is another filming location of Parasite, expressed their excitement for the film’s success.

My heart is pounding with excitement. I watched the Oscars with my son here. We clapped afterwards. We’re feeling the “Parasite Effect”. Yesterday, someoen from Yeouido came and bought pizza saying he loves Bong Joon Ho. And people from America and Canada came and took pizza boxes as souvenir. But the boxes we actually use are a little different from the boxes Ki Taek’s family folded in the film.

– Um Hang Ki

The owner of the store also revealed a wall containing Director Bong‘s autograph as well as notes from visitors and tourists.

I can’t communicate with a lot of the tourists, but they come and eat here. They tell me they came because of the movie and even take photos. As for Director Bong, he looks the same as he does in the newspapers. He speaks formally when he talks, so it feels like he’s coaching you.

– Um Hang Ki


In addition to many other film awards, Parasite recently made Korean and world history by winning multiple Oscar awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best, Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay.


Source: Dispatch