Watch Director Bong Joon Ho Answer A “Blatantly Ignorant” Interview Question With Such Grace

“Oh my god, the quality of questions they’ve had to tolerate in the US…”

During an interview with ABC‘s Tamron Hall at the 92nd Academy Awards, director Bong Joon Ho faced this question: “As a filmmaker, what made you decide to have the film in Korean when you’ve had other films in English?”

The internet, including Jenna Guillaume and Marlow Stern, immediately reacted:

While the question went under fire for being “blatantly ignorant” and “condescending”, the director himself handled it with grace. He answered:

Yes, Snowpiercer is also about the rich and the poor… But I wanted to explore the similar theme with characters that I could see around my own daily life, set in Korea with the Korean language.

— Bong Joon Ho, interpreted by Sharon Choi

Since the interview has gone viral, Tamron Hall has come to her defense on Twitter — responding to the criticism by clarifying her intention behind the question.

Still, netizens remain divided over the validity of Tamron Hall’s question.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Parasite squad found themselves in a questionable moment during interviews with the American press. Variety became heavily mocked for this bit, which made even the interpreter do a double-take, “Is that the question?”

Source: THEQOO