Park Bo Gum Turned Sexy and Fans Don’t Know How to Handle It

This is not the Park Bo Gum we’re used to seeing.

Blossom Entertainment recently revealed Park Bo Gum‘s “2020 Seasons Greetings” photos which showed the actor looking different than usual.

The sweet actor, who is known for his cute and likable personality, showed off his bad boy, sexy side, making all the female fans swoon.

In the photos, Park Bo Gum can be seen wearing a leather jacket with a motorcycle.

But what’s sexier than the props is Park Bo Gum’s charisma in the photos.

The manliness that exuded from the new look was complimented by his tall height of 182 centimeters and his small face size.

And his wet hair was just a bonus.

This look is considerably different from the ones fans are used to seeing.

Fans are responding to the unexpected photos with comments such as “He’s so sexy“, “Is that really him?” and “What happened?


Source: Insight