Park Bom likes photo announcing 2NE1 to comeback as 3-member group, XXI

Park Bom recently liked a photo on Instagram that claimed 2NE1 would be returning as a 3-member girl group called, XXL (21 in Roman numerals).

Fans have been sharing a rumor on social media that YG Entertainment is will be rebooting 2NE1 under a new name with only 3 members. These rumors have been sourced to an Instagram account that has no official connection to YG Entertainment. According to the rumors, the reason why

According to the rumors, the reason why 2NE1 disbanded was because YG Entertainment wanted fans and the members of 2NE1 to start fresh after Minzy‘s departure. Therefore, XXI would consist of CL, Dara, and Park Bom. Since there was no official statement or source regarding these rumors, most fans disregarded them.

However, confusion began to arise as Park Bom liked a picture of these rumors. On Instagram, a hopeful Blackjack made an account for XXI just in case the rumors were proven true in the future.

They shared a post about the alleged rumors and noticed that Park Bom’s official Instagram account was among those that liked it. This press release was not sent to media by YG Entertainment and no official press release has been sent by YG Entertainment regarding 2NE1 since their disbandment.

However, Park Bom quickly unliked the photo and is not listed under the users who have liked the photo as of 5:00PM KST. Fans were able to still capture multiple screenshots of when she did like the photo.

Many fans were taken aback by Park Bom’s actions and began to wonder if the rumors could possibly be true. Photos were then posted, alleging that Park Bom was spotted at YG Entertainment. However, this photo is most likely old as there is no confirmation of Park Bom being at YG Entertainment recently.

While these pieces of “evidence” sparked hope for many fans, others disagreed and claimed that Park Bom’s recent actions meant nothing. For one, Park Bom is no longer with YG Entertainment and has not signed a new contract with them. It was also pointed out that the photo of Park Bom outside of the YG building is most likely an old photo.

With all the confusion, fans are left wondering what YG Entertainment’s motives are as the blog post announcing 2ne1’s disbandment got deleted and Park Bom hinted that she would be releasing music soon.