Park Bom Pays Tribute to 2NE1 in “Queendom” Finals

Blackjacks were emotional watching her last stage.

Park Bom gave 2NE1 fans, or Blackjacks as they are fondly called, a trip down memory lane as she paid tribute to her former girl group during her performance in the Queendom finals.

Bom sang her comeback song “Wanna Go Back” in her last stage performance on Queendom. Particular detail was given to four colored microphones mounted onstage representing each member: orange for Dara, purple for Minzy, gold for CL, and green for Bom.

There were three back-up dancers dressed like Dara, Minzy and CL in one of their previous performances, all three performing with her as though it was a 2NE1 reunion. The sight surely was emotional for Blackjacks watching!


As an added bonus, Bom was surprised with a video of Minzy wishing her good luck before her performance.

Bom was moved to tears by Minzy’s message.

“Unni you were probably surprised right? It’s Minzy! It’s about to be your last stage on ‘Queendom’. While watching you on the show as well as my juniors, I miss the times we spent together and our fans. You did so well until now and figured this out on your own and seeing this makes me so proud of you as a 2NE1 member. I hope your last stage shows all the great sides of you. Fighting to our Bom unni!”

The group officially disbanded in 2016. Since then, Blackjacks have been clamoring for a reunion of 2NE1.

Fans were emotional on Twitter as they gave their sentiments about Park Bom.

MAMAMOO was declared winner at the end of the show. Although she lost, Park Bom won over the hearts of her competitors and trended on Twitter, showing the loyalty of 2NE1 fans who still follow her faithfully.

Catch Park Bom’s full performance here.