Park Bom Reveals The One Food She Could Never Give Up—Even On A Diet

Honestly, we couldn’t either!

On the April 9 episode of the radio show Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, Park Bom talked about her latest track, “Do Re Mi Fa Sol” among other topics.


The singer recently announced in January that she had lost 11kg (24.4 pounds)! This, of course, caused many people to ask just how she did it! Well, it wasn’t easy. In fact, the dieting company that helped her lose the weight Juvis actually said that she was their most difficult client.

Understandable! It can be difficult to begin a diet. However, there was one specific food that Park Bom could not give up no matter what.

| Starbucks

I can’t give up caramel macchiatos. I really can’t give them up, and I drink them every morning these days.

—Park Bom

Coffee is indeed one of the most difficult foods to abandon, especially caramel macchiatos! For those who don’t know, caramel macchiatos are drinks made up of vanilla syrup, milk, foam, espresso, and caramel syrup. With all of the syrups, it can add up to be quite the sugary drink.

| @newharoobompark/Instagram

However, Park Bom also revealed the one healthy food that she could eat all day, every day.

It’s watermelon. It makes me full really quickly, and I like the flavor.

—Park Bom