Park Bom’s Emotional “Immortal Songs 2” Performance Drew Tears From Legendary Korean Pop Singer Kim Hyun-Jung Herself

Park Bom blew everyone away with this performance.

After weeks of anticipation, Park Bom appeared on the July 6 episode of Immortal Songs 2 and wowed the audience and the world with a performance of Kim Hyun-Jung‘s 1998 classic “Breakup With Her”. Her powerhouse vocals, pristine visuals and immaculate staging made for an iconic performance of an iconic song.

Kim Hyun-Jung was enjoying the entire performance, but one particular moment made the veteran singer emotional.

In the middle of the performance, Park Bom transitioned into her March 2019 breakout single “Spring”.


Moments after the transition Kim Hyun-Jung can be seen dabbing tears from her eyes. “Spring” is a song with such a deep meaning to Park Bom, and that emotion came across 10 fold – so much so that Kim Hyun-Jung was literally moved to tears.

Watch Park Bom’s entire performance below: