Park Ha Na Under Scrutiny for Comparing Ahn Bo Hyun’s Pay Rate to Hers on “Knowing Bros”

“She’s actually like an old man.” – Netizen

Actress Park Ha Na is under scrutiny after sharing a story about actor Ahn Bo Hyun‘s pay rate on a recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros.

As fellow actors under the same agency, Park Ha Na shared a story about a company dinner she attended with her “hoobae”, Ahn Bo Hyun.

On the show, Ahn Bo Hyun exposed Park Ha Na for “acting like an old man” at company dinners.

At company dinners, Park Ha Na acts like an old man. She goes, ‘When our Bo Hyun first came into our agency, he was just a tall kid with a runny nose.

– Park Ha Na

And Park Ha Na agreed and shared a story of her own.

I’m close to the CEO, so we drink a lot. I coincidentally heard Bo Byun’s pay rate, and found out he got paid the same as me. Now, he gets paid a lot more than I do. When I heard that, I went to him and asked, ‘How can you get paid the same as me? I’ve been in this industry for a lot longer.

– Park Ha Na

Ahn Bo Hyun added,

I felt bad. She suddenly cried and asked the CEO why I got paid as much as her.

– Ahn Bo Hyun

The two actors are known to have been friends for a long time and shared the story in good spirits, but netizens online began to scrutinize Park Ha Na for going too far.

Some of the comments include, “She’s actually like an old man” and “Just because you debuted earlier doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid more“.

On the other hand, other netizens are coming to Park Ha Na’s defense with comments such as “She’s honest” and “She could only joke like that because they’re close“.

Source: Dispatch