Park Jimin Suffers Hate Comments and Sexual Harassment Following Her Recent Upload

Park Jimin expressed her rage on Instagram Live.

Singer Park Jimin recently made headlines with gorgeous photos she posted of herself on her Instagram account, but she soon revealed that she’s been receiving hate comments and sexual harassment following the upload.

Park Jimin’s Instagram Live post reads as follows:

Just from one photo, I received all sorts of DMs sexually harassing me about breast implants that I’ve never had. To those sending body shots of themselves asking me to spend a night with them, and those leaving comments comparing me to certain fruits, I will report you all.

– Park Jimin

In light of recent events, the severity of malicious comments targeted at celebrities has come into light. Regarding this issue, the entertainment management association of Korea announced that they will enforce rules against netizens who attack others with malicious comments.

Source: Dispatch