Park Jin Young Was Spotted At GOT7’s Seoul Concert And Things Got Wild

It definitely looked like he was enjoying himself!

Fans were curious to see if Park Jin Young would come to GOT7‘s concert and they certainly weren’t disappointed because not only did JYP come, he went wild!


GOT7 recently left everyone breathless during the second day of their Keep Spinning tour in Seoul. They rocked every performance, made plenty of amazing memories with Ahgase, and of course had some wild interactions themselves!


During the concert, fans spotted many familiar faces among the crowd to cheer for GOT7 including Park Jin Young himself!


But Park Jin Young didn’t just attend the concert, he was also spotted getting so excited over their songs that he couldn’t help busting out some dance moves!


Ahgase at the event reported that he danced along to GOT7’s songs and especially went all out when they performed “ECLIPSE”!


Although there are currently no fan-cams capturing the moment out yet, everyone has been cracking up over the pictures capturing his dancing king moment…


And loving the support he showed for GOT7!