Park Myung Soo Confesses That Producer Kim Tae Ho Stopped Him from Joining the Cast of “Running Man”

Kim Tae Ho was the producer of the popular variety show, “Infinite Challenge”.

On the very first episode of Channel A’s Rewind, the cast of the show was talking about what they wanted to do if they could turn back time to which Park Myung Soo brought up the subject of Running Man.

Park Myung Soo confessed that the reason why he didn’t join Running Man was that the producer of Infinite Challenge, Kim Tae Ho talked him out of it.

According to Park Myung Soo, Kim Tae Ho said, “If you go on that show, too, the overall color of Running Man will become unclear” and talked him out of joining.

Park Myung Soo then expressed his regret and shared, “It’s too bad because if I ended up doing Running Man, I would have had every weekend free to DJ in foreign countries.

Source: Dispatch