Park Myung Soo Looks up to Shin Dong Yup for a Random yet Understandable Reason

“That guy is so lucky…” – Park Myung Soo

The cast of tvN’s Salty Tour recently made their way to Bangkok, Thailand where Park Myung Soo made everyone burst into laughter with an honest confession.

While chatting on the train, Lee Jin Ho asked Shin Ye Eun, “What did you think of Park Myung Soo before this?

In response, Shin Ye Eun replied, “I didn’t think he was the same age as my dad” to which Park Myung Soo exclaimed, “Your dad is 2 years older than me!

Lee Yong Jin then jumped in with, “What I respect about Park Myung Soo is that most people at his age try to go the comfortable route, yet he’s still doing a lot of outdoor filming.

That’s when Park Myung Soo remarked, “That’s because I don’t have a choice! I don’t get any offers for comfortable jobs!

Park Myung Soo added, “Shin Dong Yup is my role model. That guy’s so lucky. I’ve worked outside all my life” and expressed his desire to work for indoor TV shows like Shin Dong Yup.

When Lee Yong Jin joked, “Park Myung Soo goes home only twice a week” Park Myung Soo shared, “When I ring the doorbell, Min Seo says, ‘You can leave it outside!’ thinking I’m the delivery man.

Source: Dispatch