This Peak Inside Chungha’s Phone Will Make You Realize She’s Just Like Us, Kinda

And we love everything about her.

In a recently uploaded video on YouTube by hello82, Chungha shared some of her most personal moments saved on her phone. And by doing so, Chungha made her fans see that she’s still the girl from Texas – but then she’s also a fabulous K-Pop star taking over the world!


Chungha first shared a selfie that she had taken while on her way back from practicing. She pointed out that she shares most of her pictures with her fans on social media, so the picture itself was nothing new. But fans loved that Chungha is exactly like them – not passing up the opportunity to use some bomb lighting to snap hot selfies!


Chungha then shared a video of her and her dancers hard at practice. This shot her fans straight back to reality that Chungha is in fact a diva out to conquer the K-Pop scene! Look how amazing she looks, even when she’s just practicing…


In another video Chungha shared with the viewers, she’s UWU-ing at Bambi, her dog – and her fans are UWU-ing at Chungha being as proud as any average poodle mom!


Chungha also got super excited when she got the chance to introduce her high-school-friends-turned-back-up-dancers to the viewers. Her whole face brightened up when she mentioned how her long-time friends, of 9-10 years, ended up working with her and they get to share the joy and the honor together. Just like the rest of us, Chungha values friendship and knows that sometimes, good friends are all you need to keep your head above the water!


But of course, Chungha is a K-Pop queen who has other celebrity friends. Her awesome pictures with her girl group idol friends, like WJSN and gugudan members, reminded the viewers that Chungha is, indeed, a shining star in the industry!


When the interviewer asked Chungha which phone application she uses the most often, Chungha gave an answer that had all of her fans relate. Chungha pointed out she’s an avid Netflix watcher, but then she falls asleep while trying to catch up on a show. And her fans can’t help but crack up at the fact that Chungha goes through the same struggle they do – trying to stay awake!


Through this cute “airdrop” style interview, Chungha’s fans got to take a closer look inside Chungha’s life through the contents saved on her phone. After watching the video, fans feel like they’ve gotten to know Chungha a lot better on a personal level!

Watch the full clip here: