PENTAGON’s Kino, ASTRO’s JinJin, And WOODZ Create Hilarious Fake MBTI Types For Themselves

They created accurate MBTI types for themselves.

The great trio, PENTAGON‘s Kino, ASTRO‘s JinJin, and soloist WOODZ, have finally gotten together on the latest UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO podcast episode!

During the podcast, the three discussed their different personalities and strong friendship. The topic then naturally turned to the topic of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). WOODZ asked, “What was your MBTI type?” Kino replied that he had never taken the test before and JinJin commented that he forgot his.

In response to JinJin, WOODZ stated, “I think you are an outgoing type.” Kino created a made-up MBTI personality type for JinJin and it’s quite fitting! Kino shared, “Wasn’t it something like I D O L?” JinJin played off of Kino’s answer and responded, “Yeah I got that for sure.

After he took a guess at JinJin’s MBTI type, Kino made one for himself. The MBTI type Kino created for himself is one fans can definitely agree on is accurate!

I haven’t taken the test yet, but I think mine would be something like S E X Y.

— Kino

Finally, WOODZ jumped and revealed his (made-up) MBTI type to be something very fitting for him. WOODZ shared, “I know what mine is. It’s C O O L.

Despite the fun the three friends had with making up MBTI types, Kino admitted he doesn’t really believe they are that accurate.

I find it interesting to see how some people take a blind faith in MBTI.

— Kino

WOODZ agreed that he doesn’t find the MBTI test trustworthy but find that people have blind faith in at least one of the three: Zodiac sign, blood type personality test, and MBTI.

Kino claimed he didn’t believe in any of the three while JinJin added, “I find the blood type personality trustworthy.

In the end, WOODZ commented, that instead of trusting one or all of the three options mentioned, he trust his own instinct the most.

I trust my instinct. I’m like, ‘Oh? This guy seems cool! You are my good friend!


Check out the video below: