People Agree That X1’s Kim Yohan Suits This Hair Style The Best

He looks gorgeous.

People agree that X1‘s center Kim Yohan is already quite the visual. Usually, the idol gives off a friendly, college student vibe that fans love. Some have called him the perfect boy next door!

But in performances, his look entirely changes, and people love it. Recently, Kim Yohan has been rocking his hair with the part in the middle with it up, which turns his boy-next-door image to a bad boy one in an instant!

People are saying that the main point of the look is the bangs; the idol has a few strands of hair pointing down to his forehead, which only enhances his already gorgeous face.

People are going crazy over how good he looks, with people commenting that his duality is impressive. The fact that he can pull off a youthful student concept but also rock the dark look shows his versatility.

Some fans have even joked that Yohan’s stylist must want to kill the fans with the idol’s visuals! And with how fans and netizens are reacting, they are succeeding. Hopefully, we get to see Yohan with his hair up more!

Source: Pann