People Are Appropriately Freaking Out ’Cause This 2-Year-Old Looks Just Like Irene

“Baby Irene” has grown up…but she still looks exactly like Irene!

No one can believe that this incredibly adorable girl isn’t really Red Velvet‘s Irene when she was a baby.

Her name is Seoyeon and she lives on Jeju island in Korea.

Her facial features look exactly look like Irene, with her big shiny eyes and adorable smile.

She also looks a lot like Irene when she was a baby, and they look like twins separated with time.

Baby Irene in Hanbok.
Baby Irene eating a hot dog.

Her baby photos sparked quite a bit of a frenzy, but now Seoyeon is now 10 years old.

She still lives on Jeju Island and lives with her parents and her little baby sister.

She maintained her unbelievable beauty and grew up to be a little adorable girl. And she still looks a lot like Irene!

Netizens expressed their hopes for SM Entertainment to cast her as a future K-Pop idol, saying that her beauty is what exactly what the agency is looking for!