Most people don’t realize Hong Jin Young is a famous TWITCH streamer

Hong Jin Young is widely known for her many variety show appearances, trot singer promotions, and her visuals! Now she’s ready to be known for her gaming skills with her Twitch streaming channel!

She is known for her quirky personality and many call her an all-around entertainer for being so great in any field she promotes in!

With the start of her Twitch channel, Hong Jin Young has already shown longtime fans that her personality also works great when streaming video games and earned new fans with her Twitch channel.

Hong Jin Young loves video games so it was a no-brainer to start her own Twitch channel and play her most favorite game in the world (along with the rest of the world) PUBG aka PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

She plays with her fans and gets into hilarious situations in-game.

Sometimes she even sings because yes, even if she looks like a gamer, Hong Jin Young is a trot singer!

Old fans, new fans, and new viewers can’t get enough of her gaming shenanigans! Check out her channel below and tune in live!
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