People Are Freaking Out Over How Pretty The Eyes Of The TWICE Members Are

Gorgeous eyes.

Netizens and fans alike are fawning over how beautiful TWICE is… and how each members has such beautiful eyes!

Nayeon has gorgeous close set eyes, with a deep double eye lid that only enhances her bunny-like visuals.

Jeongyeon‘s eyes are to die for, being beautifully almondt shaped. Like Nayeon, she too has double eye lids.

Momo has always been known for her big eyes, making her expressions stand out everytime she laughs and smiles. She has double eye lids.

Sana, like Momo, also has big eyes, which only makes our aegyo-filled energizer even more adorable! Her double eye lids make her look like a princess!

Jihyo too has big eyes, which allows ONCEs to see how much love the leader has for their fans. Like the other girls, she has double eyelids.

Mina has soft, downturned eyes that make her look calm and peaceful wherever she goes. The idol’s double eye lids mak her look even more omniscient!

Dahyun is the only member with monolids, further enhancing her cat-like visuals. As the only one with monolids, Dahyun stands out on stage thanks to her variety of expressions.

Chaeyoung has prominent eyes, which is probably why their make-up artists loves experimenting new looks on the idol! With her big eyes and double eyelids, no one can miss Chaeyoung!

TWICE’s lovely maknae Tzuyu had almost shaped eyes, which help fully encompass her other beautiful features. Everytime people look at Tzuyu, they can’t deny how gorgeous she is!

Which one is your favorite?

Source: TheQoo