People thought this was a picture of Irene at first

At first, people couldn’t believe how similar looking these idols were!

Red Velvet’s Irene is well known for her beauty and is undoubtedly one of the best visuals among the newest generation of idols. Due to her great visuals, a recent update on Brave Girls official Instagram of member Yuna has gained a lot of attention for looking uncannily similar to the leader of Red Velvet.

Their cat-like eyes, sharp noses, and slim jawline is something both Yuna and Irene possess and fans can’t help but notice how similarly gorgeous the two are.

Check out the comparisons between these two beautiful idols below!

Both girls have similar mouth shapes and eyebrow arches.

The similarities between Yuna and Irene are hard to miss.

The two have really similar eye-shapes. / Source: Brave Girls Instagram

These photos of the two idols are so similar it looks like they are the same person.

Their noses look so alike! / Source: Brave Girls Instagram

Similar facial structure and features make it hard to tell these two apart.