Here Are All The Photos Of Gary’s Adorable Son

All the cute pictures of the father-son duo!

After Gary‘s shocking wedding news in April 2017 and news of the birth of his son 7 months later fans have been anticipating even more pictures of his cute mini-me!

He posted this picture of his son’s foot when he made the announcement that he had a son!


Although Gary has been pretty secretive of his wife and child, he can’t help but post pictures of his outings with his son.

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Since he’s started posting the pictures we haven’t been able to see his son’s face but fans know that he must be a cutie!

Plus we all know that Gary adores his baby. He even tagged this picture with #sonday! And just look at that adoring dad look on his face!


Even more recently, he’s been gaining some major attention from fans all over the world for his cute father-son pictures.

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Fans have been commenting on how cute his son is while at the same time begging to actually see his face!


His photos have been particularly popular with Chinese fans. They are so popular that the search “Gary’s son” is trending in the top 10 on Weibo!

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Although there aren’t that many pictures of his son yet, everybody can’t help but love this father-son duo and look forward to even more pictures of him in the future!

Source: Seoul EN