Photos of Luna looking super sexy leave fans speechless

Luna leaves fans breathless with her flawless and killer beauty by wearing these glamorous tight red dresses. f(x)‘s Luna recently traveled to Okinawa, Japan to attend the SK-II Global Event and for her “Face The Wild” photoshoot.

For the photoshoot, Luna dressed in a stunning red bodycon dress as she modeled with SK-II’s product. She looked so gorgeous, even the staff behind-the-scenes couldn’t help but exclaim how beautiful she looked and how she should become a model.

Here’s a couple pictures from the photoshoot that Luna shared on her Instagram!

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The SK-II Gala premiere and dinner party came after, and Luna changed into a more formal attire. Her dress was a sexy off-shoulder red dress that showed off her
amazing figure.

Luna’s visuals seen at the photo wall event of the premiere was absolutely jaw-dropping.

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At the dinner party, YouTube sensations Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui could be seen performing on stage!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Luna at the dinner party!

Looking so sexy it leaves people speechless…

The lady in red is looking absolutely gorgeous and classy!

Those fireworks are a representation of everybody’s feels right now…

You can check out Luna’s vlog for some more behind-the-scenes footage from her trip and the SK-II event on her show, Luna’s Alphabet.

Watch the full episode below!