Photos reveal how much this part of Seolhyun’s body has changed

Seolhyun is off an extremely successful diet and her sexy thighs are showing in these new photos.

While AOA‘s Seolhyun has always been known for being sexy, she’s recently been receiving even more praise for her slimmed-down thighs.

Seolhyun has made quite a transformation.

Photos taken from different stages in her career revealed instantly noticeable changes, easily observable because of the stark difference in her appearance despite similar clothing and styling

In the past, Seolhyun attracted attention for her curvy figure, specifically towards what netizens called “chubby thighs.” However, after undergoing a rigorous diet and exercise regime, the singer and actress received increased interest towards her fitter, slim physique.


Seolhyun promoting for “Like A Cat” in 2013
She was once called chubby for her curvy figure


Seolhyun’s weight loss efforts are evident in recent promotions
She even managed to campaign for sportswear brand, “Ellesse”
A sexy pose that highlights her curvy physique
Her thighs look way slimmer here

Early this year, Seolhyun revealed that she maintains her figure by eating in moderation and physical training. She also talked about the secret behind her 8-kilogram weight loss by incorporating healthier options such as chicken breast, salads, avocado and yogurt into her diet.

Source: TVReport