Photos Show Just How Much Seoul Has Changed In 30 Years

Seoul wasn’t always like this.

Seoul is a beautiful city, an international destination with everything an urbanite could want.


The city is now where many beloved K-Pop stars call home, the site for much of the magic within the music industry.


But Seoul wasn’t always bright lights and big stars. The city developed at exponential speeds since the 1960’s and went through some major growing pains.


Recently re-surfaced photos of Seoul from 1987, put side by side with photos from 2017, show how much the city’s changed, including its architecture, culture, and the society that lives in it.


1987 was a turbulent year for Seoul it was the year of the June Struggle. 20 days of mass democracy movements, demonstrations, and protests led to clashes between civilians, the police, and the army.


The protest eventually led to the military regime, then lead by Chun Doo Hwan recalling the army and agreeing to the demonstrators’ key demands of a free election.


Myeongdong, now a major shopping destination for millions of tourists and Koreans alike, was then a stage for the tear gas filled political drama.


Two eras superimposed on one another really show how Seoul has changed over time, and how the city still retains its history even as it sheds some of its old buildings.


The images also show how much Seoul’s aesthetics as a city have changed. In preparation for the 1988 Olympics, major developments occurred in Seoul, demolishing cumbersome bridges and inefficient expressways within the city.


City centers that were home to protests are now cultural centers for public events like K-Pop concerts.


It’s amazing how much Seoul’s changed over the years, though aviators are definitely still in fashion! Here’s to hoping that Seoul continues on its upward positive direction!

Source: Bada TV