Photos show the huge difference between idols’ selcas and fan-taken photos

NOTE FROM UNI: Will upload the photos after I wake up!

Sometimes the way we see ourselves just doesn’t translate the same through the lens. See these idols that prove you can still be photogenic even if you’re having a bad selfie day.

Whenever an idol posts a selfie it is tends to end up on moodboards and cell phone backgrounds but some leave fans feeling a bit confused. These idols post selcas that have a huge difference to the way their fans see them. The aura they give off in person and the way they present themselves personal photos cannot be farther apart! That being said they are still manage to show their handsome side!

See the collection below!

*(all the idols that were photo graphed) : Zico,Hongbin,suho,kai,bap youngjae,bobby,wonwoo,sandeul,jb,kikwang,onew,taemin,hoya

Source: Pann