This Picture Shows Just How Adorably Petite Sandara Park Is In Real Life

A photo is causing up a riot online because no one can believe how petite Sandara truly is!

A picture of Sandara holding WINNER Seungyoon’s hands went viral because of the big contrast between their hand sizes.

Many claimed that it looked like a baby holding her father’s hand!

And thanks to her legendary petite stature, this gif had gone viral in multiple Korean community sites!

The segment was taken from their drama, We Broke Up, where they play a couple that has broken up but finds their way back together.

Sandara always looks much younger than she actually is. Who would’ve guessed she’s 33 years old?

And compared to Seungyoon, she looks like a young teenager because of their difference in stature!

Check out the trailer for We Broke Up below!