This is how Pixar changed Finding Dory for Korean audiences

Different audiences and different cultures are interested in different things and nowhere is this more evident than in the tailoring of movie posters to international audiences.

Just about everyone in the developed world is familiar with one or another of Disney Pixar’s iconic characters and films, but what they might not have realized is how differently their favorite films are marketed to audiences in other countries.

Pixar keeps their global audiences in mind at every stage of production for each of their new projects; from the title design down to how the cultural norms of a different audience will affect their reaction to certain scenes.

Pixar knows that what their audience sees matters and, as a result, put a lot of thought and consideration into each localized version of their movies.

English version of Finding Dory.

Korean version of Finding Dory.

English version of UP.

French version of Up.

Since the visuals greatly differ depending on where the movie is viewed, the creation of multiple versions requires an intimate familiarity with each country’s culture and interests.

One way Pixar tailors their films and promotional materials to their various audiences is by making hundreds of translations for every version of just one movie.

English version of Inside Out.

Portuguese version of Inside Out.

Pixar also takes the time to change small events like the sports played, or the foods that are eaten so that it can resonate with all their viewers around the world, not just North America.

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Check out this video from Oh My Disney that looks at some of the most noticeable times Pixar made changes for the enjoyment of their global audiences:

Source: GOOD