Play M’s New Girl Group Finally Has A Name & There’s A Curious Connection With 2 Other Groups

Early fans have mixed opinions.

Earlier this month, Play M Entertainment announced that it would debuting a new girl group in June—the first since Apink debuted all the way back in 2011. On May 11, the company finally announced the group’s name—and not only are opinions mixed, it also has a funny connection with two existing groups.

Some of the group name speculations early fans had included “WINKZ” and “UNICORN”, but as of May 11, “PlayM Girls” is officially named Weeekly.

Many of Weeekly’s early supporters are already on the fence about the group name, especially because of the three ‘E’s.

One person wasn’t surprised at Weeekly, given that labelmates Apink almost debuted with some pretty odd names: “Water Hyacinth”, “Sea Pearl”, or “Mango”.

Others have noted that the group’s main vocalist goes by the stage name Monday, with many curious as to why the other 6 members aren’t also named after the days of the week.

And some have decided that it’s a pretty cute group name after all.

But one of the most interesting parts about the name is its connection with two existing rookie groups: CRAXY and Cravity.

Girl group CRAXY debuted on March 3 2020. Just days later, they got their own fandom name: Cravity.

But then, on March 15, Starship Entertainment announced that the name of their new boy group would be Cravity as well. But how does this tie in to Weeekly?

Last month, Cravity revealed the potential options for their fandom name, and one of the most popular so far is “Week”!

The chain between these three groups was likely not intentional, but it’s certainly a funny coincidence. Some of the fandom names that have already been suggested for Weeekly include “Daily”, “Everyday”, and even “Calendar”. Fans should look out for any future rookie groups with similar names to continue the chain.

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