P.O Eats Rice off of Song Mino’s Lips Proving Just How Close They Are

“They must be really close.” – Netizen

On a recent episode of tvN’s New Journey to the West 7, the members participated in a game of quiz in order to eat dinner that evening.

Block B‘s P.O, WINNER‘s Song Mino, and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun were on one team, and they managed to win a bite of marinated grilled beef.

Since the rule was to only take a bite each, Song Mino used his chopsticks to try to get the biggest bite possible.

Despite his efforts, a chunk of rice didn’t fit into his mouth, but that’s where P.O came in.

He took the rice off of Song Mino’s lips and put it into his own mouth.

The action was so natural that even Song Mino laughed.

Fans who saw this interaction responded with comments such as “They must be really close” and “That’s so adorable“.

Source: Insight