Police Help Homeless Man Recover Bag With 250 Million Won Inside

A homeless man in his 70’s lost his bag containing ₩250 million KRW cash (approximately $220,274 USD), and police were confused as to how he had it in the first place.

An elderly Korean homeless man lost a bag containing ₩250 million KRW cash, but was able to find it with the help of police shortly after he reported it. However, his story soon became viral as people were genuinely confused as to how he had so much money in the first place, but was still homeless. Furthermore, police revealed he had another ₩200 million KRW cash (approximately $176,219 USD) on him while he was at the police station filing a report.

According to the elderly homeless man, he traveled all around the country for 15 years re-selling adult sex toys, which helped him save up until he reached ₩450 million KRW (approximately $396,493 USD).

“If I bought an adult sex toy for 3,000 KRW (approximately) at Namdaemun market, I would re-sell it for 20,000 KRW. I raked in the most money from Jeju island.”

— Elderly homeless man

The police further explained that he never left the bag unattended and always kept it on him in case someone would ever steal it, and that he had never made a bank account ever in his life. Also, to avoid carrying big bundles of cash, he would often exchange large amounts into checks and change them back into cash when he needed to use it.

Fortunately, the elderly man’s son was found and contacted for his own safety, as carrying such large amounts of cash posed the threat of being mugged or robbed. The son requested for his father to stay with him, but the elderly man specifically expressed that he wanted to remain homeless, and therefore the police decided to offer protection to the elderly man until he is taken in by his family.

Source: SBS News