Koreans Suspect These IZ*ONE Members Should Not Have Made It Into The Group

They’re pointing fingers already.

As police have proven that Mnet rigged the votes of Produce X 101 and even raided the agencies of IZ*ONE, netizens have been speculating which members of the group should not have made it into the group.

They found the ranks of Chaewon, Minju, and Yuri dubious, as some never made it into the top 12 until the last ranking announcement.

While nothing is proven, many netizens are pointing out that their ranks are suspicious.

To be honest, many people didn’t even know who Jo Yuri was until the last minute.

– Korean Netizen

Wow, the rankings are weirdㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

Regardless of the suspicions, the group is still successful both in Korea and internationally.

I don’t know if it’s vote manipulation or not, but to be honest IZ*ONE is doing well.

– Korean Netizen

Fans are pleading for everyone to wait until the investigation before pointing fingers.

Please wait for the results of the investigation. Anyway, IZ*ONE is also doing well…

– Korean Netizen

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