PPAP singer spotted fanboying over Girls’ Generation

Piko Taro‘s reaction to Girls’ Generation’s performance at the WebTV Asia Awards may be the best one we’ve seen!

At the WebTV Asia Awards in Korea, he was seen in the audience fanboying during SNSD’s stage performance. The girls performed some of their greatest hits, including “Lion Heart”, “Party”, “Hoot”, and “Gee”.

Piko Taro won the People’s Choice Award at the award show and performed an extended version of his viral hit “PPAP”. “PPAP” has gone so viral that even Korean idols have created their own covers!

Watch Piko Taro fanboy up close!

If you look hard enough at the beginning of the video, he’s right in the middle of the audience getting all excited!

A close up of his expression!

Piko Taro said “Girls’ Generation was the best” after their performance.

Who knew the “PPAP” singer was such a fan of SNSD?