PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, G-Dragon, and Obama Share This One Feature In Common

PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung possesses this one feature that many believe heralds a successful future for the young, up-and-coming artist.

Palm reading, or palmistry, follows the idea that one’s fortune or future can be read by analyzing the lines or wrinkles on one’s dominant hand. After checking her palm on photos, it was found that PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung has the same rare feature many influential people share: an “M” on the palm of her dominant hand.

For someone to have their palm lines form an “M”, they must have the “Life line”, “Head line”, and “Fate line” on the palm of their dominant hand, which is a rare instance.

1: Life line, 2: Head line, 3: Heart line, 4: Girdle of Venus, 5: Apollo/Sun line, 6: Mercury/Health line, 7: Fate line.

According to the art of palmistry, those with the shape of an “M” on their palm have a ton of luck, especially financial luck. Other people with “M” lines on their palms include Lee Soo Man, G-Dragon, Bae Yong Jun, and even Barack Obama.

Founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, has a very prominent “M” on his right hand.

One of Korea’s most influential musicians, G-Dragon, also has a distinct “M” on his left palm.

Bae Yong Jun was a pioneering actor of the Hallyu wave and his “M” can be seen clearly on his right palm.

America’s first ever African-American President, Barack Obama, also has a very visible “M” on his palm.

So, if Kyulkyung’s palms are to be believed, we may be seeing a lot more of her for a long time to come!

Source: Dispatch and Bustle