This Produce 101 contestant’s contact lenses fell out on video

Mnet Produce 101 Season 2 trainee Kwon Hyun Bin got into a staring contest with the camera for an “eye contact video” and things did not turn out too well for him.

On March 21st Produce 101 Season 2  released special ‘eye contact video’ for the nation’s producers. The purpose of the video was for the contestants to keep eye contact with the camera for as long as possible. Unlike most other people, YGKPlus‘s trainee Kwon Hyun Bin kept eye contact with the camera for an astounding 4 minutes!

At the beginning of the video, Hyun Bin can be seen confidently staring at the camera as he calmly talks to the cameraman while fixing his hair. About 2 and a half minutes into the staring contest, however, Hyun Bin’s will starts to falter as he fights the urge to blink. As he reaches the 4-minute mark Hyun Bin can truly be seen struggling as he clenches his mouth as his eyes began to tear up. At the end, the trainee gives up after 4 and a half minutes.

Due to the length of his staring contest, Hyun Bin’s blink released quite enormous droplets from his eyes, causing the poor boy’s contacts to fall out! This seems to catch both Hyun Bin and the camera man by surprise as the two laugh at the situation.

Check out the intense staring contest Kwon Hyun Bin had with the camera below!

Source: Dispatch