Produce 101 boys look less in sync compared to girls in these performances

A comparison of these two performances of the Produce 101 girls and boys show exactly how much difference there is between the contestants’ performances.

With the second season of Mnet‘s survival show just a few days away, comparisons between the first season’s contestants, and the second season’s all-male cast have appeared.

GIFs of the performances from both seasons contestants were uploaded online and caused major discussion. The post compared the group choreography performances of the contestants from the show’s 2 seasons, and the difference was clear in these performances.

The first GIF included all 101 male contestants from the upcoming season dancing to the same choreography. However, only the front few lines seemed to be in sync. The contestants towards the back either made mistakes or had not completely memorized the choreography and appeared to be out of time with one another.

The second gif showed the female contestants from the show’s first season, and not one single trainee seemed to be out of sync or unaware of the choreography.

While some defended the boys’ choreography, saying that it appeared much more difficult than the girls’, others argued that since it is a huge privilege for them to be on such a large-scale show, they should have been able to memorize the choreography, especially if they were good enough to qualify in the first place.

Watch the contestants’ full performances from both seasons down below and decide for yourself!