“Produce 101 Japan” Trainees Shock Viewers with Never-Before-Seen Ending Poses

Bet you’ve never seen ending poses like these before.

Produce 101 Japan‘s Takeru Gutierez has recently been gaining attention for his unique ending pose during the trainees’ very first performance, but it wasn’t just him that shocked viewers with something unexpected.

Quite a few of the trainees showed off unexpected ending poses that is drawing significant attention in online communities.

Following their performance of “TSUKAME~It’s Coming~”, some trainees winked…


Some trainees made gestures with their hands…



Some trainees showed off exaggerated movements…

While some just did all of the above.


Since the show just began, it’s hard for anyone to say what fans can expect in the coming weeks, but what’s for certain is that things will be different from how they’re done in Korea.

Source: Dispatch