The Top 5 Dance Kings Of Produce 101 Season 2


Kang Daniel

MMO trainee Kang Daniel had already caught the public’s attention with his impressive dance skills during his group’s cover of Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry” in the previous mission. However, he completely swept the public with his latest performance of Jason’s Derulo‘s “Get Ugly” in which the trainee showed off his skills (and body) for the world to see.


Ong Sungwoo

Right from the start the Fantagio trainee, Ong Sungwoon, made his dancing skills known through his astounding performance of Bruno Mars‘s “That’s What I like”. Since then the trainee has solidified his position as one of the best dancers within Produce 101 with his consistently strong performances.

Noh Taehyun

Having already debuted as a member of the boy group HOTSHOT, K.O Sound trainee Noh Taehyun has already established himself as a mighty dancer. From krumping to choreographing performances, it’s easy to see that Noh Taehyun is completely in his element when he’s dancing.


Park Woojin

Despite coming from an extremely talented group of trainees, Brand New Music’s Park Woojin has still managed to make a name for himself within the Produce 101 trainees for his incredible dancing skills. While he’s quite a quiet person when it comes to talking, Park Woojin truly makes a statement with his dancing.

Yeo Hwan Woong

With his latest performance of Flo Rida‘s “Right Round”, RBW trainee Yeo Hwan Woong left many viewers impressed with his charismatic dance moves. Yeo Hawn Woong, who already had a reputation for his dancing skills, solidified his position as an elite dancer with his latest performance.