This Produce 101 Trainee Is Called “The Hidden Teacher” For Always Helping Others

This Produce 101 contestant sacrificed his time and energy to help his fellow trainees practice for their re-evaluation!

Widmay Entertainment’s Kim Yehyun, who was given an F-rank in the show, has recently been receiving lots of attention and praise for his kind actions toward other trainees.

After their first evaluation and getting ranked, the trainees were given a mission to learn the title song “PICK ME” in three days for a re-evaluation. Although he didn’t get much screentime, every time he appeared on screen he was seen helping another trainee practice.

After bringing this to the producers’ attention, many viewers began to keep an eye on him as they cast their votes. Kim Yehyun moved from Rank F to Rank C after re-evaluation and by episode 3 his official rank soared from 93 to 34!

He helped Hanahreum Company’s Kim Taemin attempt to hit the high notes.

He was also seen slowly teaching his fellow Rank F trainees in the background.

He lead the other trainees during dance practice.

He always made sure to go slowly so they could follow along easier.

YGKPlus‘s Kwon Hyunbin, who struggled to memorize the dance moves, clinged to him for help.

He even briefly went to the emergency room from overworking himself and had used crutches.