A Produce X 101 Trainee Is Gaining Attention Online For Looking Like This Female Idol And You Won’t Be Able To Unsee It

The two could definitely be related – twins even.

They say that we all have a doppelgänger, and netizens think they’ve found Brand New Music trainee Kim Sihoon‘s.

Kim Sihoon is currently competing on Produce X 101 for a chance at debuting in an idol group, but his look-alike has already found success in an idol group – a girl group at that. His doppelgänger is none other than Red Velvet‘s Seulgi!

Twitter user @forseahun made the edit that started it all.

It might just be a photoshopped animated wig, but the resemblance to Seulgi is undeniable.

At first you may think the edit might be playing a trick on you, but when paired with actual pictures of Seulgi, the two could definitely be related – twins even!

When they strike the same pose their similarities shine through even more.

If they were really related this would be one insanely talented and good-looking sibling duo.

Kim Sihoon is currently ranked 43rd on Produce X 101. The season premiered on May 3 and will air every Friday at 11PM KST.