Former “Produce X 101” Trainees Spotted Cheering on X1 at Their Debut Showcase

The former “Produce X 101” trainees that didn’t make it into X1 were spotted showing their support from the audience.

The debut showcase for the boy group X1 recently took place in Seoul, and their former Produce X 101 trainees were spotted showing their full support from the audience.

On this day, the X1 members stood on stage with both excitement and nervousness as they performed various songs including their title track, “FLASH”.

And the 18,000 fans in the audience didn’t hesitate to respond with enthusiastic cheers.


But what particularly drew many fans’ attention was the former Produce X 101 trainees who were also cheering on X1 from the audience.

It’s uncertain whether they were invited to be there or if they willingly attended out of free will, but fans are responding to the photos with comments such as “It’s nice to see their faces again“, “Shouldn’t they have their own special section?” and “They’re probably happy for X1 but sad at the same time“.

Source: Insight