Produce X 101’s Jo Seungyeon Has Fans Shook With His Individual Concept Evaluation Fan Cam

His intense gaze will leave you breathless.

Yuehua Entertainment artist and Produce X 101 contestant Jo Seungyeon has fans shook with his solo fan cam for “MOVE”. Many saying within the first five seconds, he already has viewers captivated with his intense gaze


Jo Seungyeon has always been known for his bright and cheerful personality off-stage, but when on-stage, he is serious and shows intense professionalism.

He’s so good on stage. Seriously, he uses his expressions well and he grooves well too!

– Korean Netizen

Many netizens are saying that they have made them their number 1 pick, citing his experience as a member of UNIQ and his love for the stage as being pros if he gets added to the final line-up.

During the end of the stage, Jo Seungyeon can be seen lifting Kim Hyunbin, and fans can’t get over how strong the idol is! Looks like he still has that playful side, even on-stage.

Source: Pann