Top-Searched Trainees During “Produce X 101” Resurfaces Amidst Controversy

Netizens believe they could have been the top 11.

After months of speculation, Produce X 101 was confirmed to have rigged the votes of their final group, X1. This left fans upset and unsure of which members deserved to make it into the group.

As police confirmed that 2-3 members were actually outside the debuting ranks, this led netizens to hunt for clues, one such being the top searched trainees during the show.

The columns include the trainee’s search number ranking, name, May, June, July, and average ranking.

The top searched trainees in Produce X 101 include:

1. Kim Yohan
2. Kim Wooseok
3. Lee Jinhyuk
4. Kim Mingyu
5. Cho Seungyoun
6. Song Yuvin
7. Han Seungwoo
8. Song Hyeongjun
9. Son Dongpyo
10. Lee Hangyul
11. Nam Dohyun
12. Lee Eunsang
13. Lee Sejin
14. Cha Junho
15. Goo Jungmo
16. Kang Minhee
17. Geum Donghyun
18. Ham Wonjin
19. Hwang Yunseong
20. Tony

Koreans believe that those who were searched most were likely among the rightful ones to debut. Included in the Top 20 highest searched trainees who did not make it into X1 were Lee Jinhyuk, Kim MingyuSong Yuvin, Tony, among others.

Netizens went a step further and listed the top searched trainees during the final ranking episode.

The columns include Ranking, Name, ProduceX101+name, Total
1. Kim Yohan
2. Han Seungwoo
3. Kim Wooseok
4. Lee Hangyul
5. Cho Seungyoun
6. Lee Jinhyuk
7. Kim Mingyu
8. Song Hyeongjun
9. Son Dongpyo
10. Nam Dohyun
11. Lee Eunsang
12. Goo Jungmo
13. Cha Junho
14. Kang Minhee

They observed, “If you look at only the last episode, Lee Jinhyuk and Lee Hangyul were definitely debuting. The ones who are ambiguous are Goo Jungmo, Kim Mingyu, Song Hyeongjun and Lee Eunsang. And the ones who definitely didn’t debut were Cha Junho and Kang Minhee.”

Source: Pann